Chiru's Election manifesto*

Aug 27 2008

Chiru's Election manifesto should be like this :-

Free Cinema tickets for Chiru fans* .

There will be no Black money in the Society* ( All Black money should be donated to society ).


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Aug 26 2008

Leader is the one, Who keeps and makes all United.


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Future god's caste

Aug 25 2008

Lord Rama born in O.C family and in North (Upper place in India).

Lord Krishna born in B.C family and in West (Middle Upper place in India).

So, next god will born in O.B.C family in East ( Middle Lower place in India, in A.P )???


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Boy Friend Philosophy

Aug 22 2008

Your Boy friend can't be your Best friend.

~Bipasa Basu, Actress

Your Best friend will no more be your Boy friend. *
~ Chindian

* Conditions apply

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Your Returns

Aug 20 2008

What ever you do for u r self and others, that will returns to you.

Ex:- China has major role in supplying Arms and other help to Pakistan (against to India), now 35 Pakis detained in China for a plan of Terror attack.

Read more:


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Cinema stars packages

Aug 18 2008

Indian Cinema stars packages:

Actors:- Six pack or no pack.

Actress:- Family pack, Romantic pack, Vamp pack.


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who is correct?

Aug 17 2008

Everybody feels that their thinking, their opinions and their feelings are correct. Then who is correct?


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Human or God

Aug 16 2008

When you feel that I am great or I am a successful person, then u r downtime starts, because in this universe only the God is great. I am saying about the "God" not "god".


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Aug 15 2008


I got Rs.610/- from mGinger. :-)


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Aug 13 2008

Inconvenience due to Floods is who's mistake?

People who occupied Ponds and Canals or the Government which doesn't have a planning or the MCH officers who doesn't bothered to implement the plan,

finally the people who know only to throw the waste (non-degradable ) like Plastic in to the Ponds and canals or God who showered with the Rain?

Ans. Definitely it's God's mistake, because it's our Word and we live in our style. who is He to interfere with rains.


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Aug 12 2008

If Economy/Share market doesn't fall now, then how it will increase afterwards?


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China Vs India

Aug 11 2008

China is famous for Man power.

India is famous for Man power and Spiritual Power.




Aug 6 2008

Marriages in Western countries either Super Hit or utter flop.

Marriages in India/ Eastern countries either Super hit or minimum days Guarantee.

Love or Lover

Aug 7 2008

In this Modern World Love first or Lover first?




Aug 5 2008

If you don't have Gmail ID, then You are Uncle/Aunty.

Because Gmail is very attractive due to it's features.