Spirituality for whom?

Sep 06 2009

Spirituality for whom?

As great spiritual masters said
"spirituality is for Lion hearted people".

I would like to add
"spirituality is not for Goat/sheep minded people".

Spirituality is one of unattended chapters of most of the people in this new knowledge age. 

Lion hearted means, the person who has courage, braveness, dare to accept the new things, to face the challenges until they reach the highest possible goal for Human beings i.e., unification with God.

Goat/Sheep minded means, human beings who feel glorified with the materialistic achievements only, just as if the Goat gets glorified just before it's slaughter, and those who refuses, fears and escapes, to reach the real goal (unification with God), in spite of the availability of achieving it.

I would like to share my experience with one of my friends, who made a comment on few of my quotes.

Why are you writing quotes on “god” and “God”, nature, etc, and he also questioned, who need these quotes and what is the use of these?
Look I don't know the difference between “God” & "god" ,what is nature, why to follow it, even I don't have interest to know about them, but still I am rich, I have a big house, good wife, nice job, I am well settled in this modern life.

I asked him then, why you are going to holy places and doing all religious rituals, he said my parents told me to do visit holy places, to do religious rituals, etc,.. And I feel satisfied by doing these things.

Literally I didn't expected this kind of response from that friend, because he is young, educated, intelligent and active kind of person and he is typical example of nowadays human beings, they want to follow the nature, they want to depend on the god / God only when they are in troubles or difficulties  and they worship them for their wants or satisfaction.

Finally I understood that most of us don't know what exactly are we doing, we don't know the use or benefit of it, when somebody shows correct way of doing or one spiritual master comes and explains, the need to follow the divine path, (simply)we are not only rejecting them, rather we are criticizing them.

That's why I say Spirituality is not for Goat/Sheep minded people only for Lion hearted people.

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