Glimpses of Chindian Quotes

Jan 31 2009

Glimpses of Chindian Quotes

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Welcome to Chindian Blog. Before you go through the blog, I request you to read few Quotes from below links. So that, you will know what kind of Quotes you can find.

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What is the first and main qualification for a person to become a politician?

Think over it before you see & read the answer.


See this photo (it replicates most of the human beings nowadays ), we have good personality but not good character .

See this second photo as an example of a ideal human being. We need good personality and good character.


Your 2-minutes time for Maggi noodles, will satisfy your hunger.

Your 2-minutes time for my quotes, will give you Entertainment, Enjoyment, Enlightenment.

Corporate Doctor:- The one who kills your ills with his pills and the one who kills you with his bills.

Silence will avoid the problems

Sorry will reduce the problems

Smile will solve the problems

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