Human Relations

Oct 08 2009

Human Relations (మానవ సంభంధాలు)

Managing *Human relations* is the toughest task, even for the God. Because everybody wants to satisfy their ego or wants dominate others.
That's why he(God)tries to make us calm by sending his representatives, whom we call them as Spiritual Gurus/ Prophets or he will clean the earth by descending into human form with enormous powers to destroy the evil or bad and to maintain Harmony, whom we call them as "Avataras".

ఆ భగవంతుడి కి కూడా అతి కస్ఠమైన పని / విషయం ఏదైనా ఉందా అంటే ఇదే. మానవ సంభంధాలను సరైన స్థితిలో ఉంచగలడం నిజంగా అంత సులువు కాదు సుమా.

Definition: Human Relations encompasses relationships and interaction between people(family members, friends, colleagues), groups of people, organizations, states and countries, etc,...,

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