a prayer from my heart

Nov 21 2008
A prayer from my heart

Oh, Master/God

Save me from today's world,
Guide me to reach the goal,
Use me in your work.


Save me from today's world threats like terrorism, recession, global warming,etc,...
Guide me to reach the goal, that is nothing but to become like how you want me to become.
Use me in your divine work. so that I will be useful to you.


Exactly one week before 26/11/2008 terror attacks in Mumbai, I was traveling in a RTC bus in the morning, suddenly I started experiencing a new and different condition. It is very difficult to explain that, it's like a mixture of fear, hope, surrender, obedience. Instantly 3 words (save,guide and use) came into my mind and I was able to give a word form but I was sluggish to forward this. I don't know why it was happened to me. But today I published this to you.

I hope you will also feel this prayer with your heart.

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