Typical Indian mentality

Nov 18 2008

Typical Indian mentality

We will buy good quality Computers / Laptops with the cost of Rs.25,000 to


We will pay Rs.500/- + monthly for the good Internet connection.

But we don't want to pay Rs. 2/- + daily for a good anti-virus software.

To be safe from computer virus we go for a cracked version or

hacked version which comes to us for free ( with low quality).

Similarly we want good governance, we want good transportation facilities,

we want good medical facility. But we don't want to Vote for a good person

( who promises and fulfills the promises). Just we Vote for a person who

belongs to our caste or our region in emotion and with sentiments and we

sayIndian Politics are worst.

Moral of the quote:-

Use good and genuine products for the safety. Cast your vote for a genuine

person irrespective of the caste and region.

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