Needs and Wants

Mar 27 2009

Needs and Wants

Poor and Developing countries people's Wants are Needs of Rich countries peoples. That is why USA alone is in top position in the emission of global warming gases (Carbon dioxide,Methane,Nitrous oxide,CFC-12)

Do you want me to explain further?

  • In India, if I want to travel from Chennai to Delhi I prefer to go by a train, even though the distance between these two cities is approximately 1000 km and more.
  • If I am in USA, I prefer to go by Flight even for the small distance, say 500 km, because in USA or in many developed countries, Flight charges are cheaper than Train charges.

  • In India majority of people will prefer Common transport system like Bus, Local trains,Bikes ( with less fuel consumption more people can travel) to go to office or somewhere else
  • In USA majority of people will prefer Cars as petrol is cheap for them and there is no Common transport system available. Ex:- In UK, minimum fare for the Bus is 1 pound (Rs70) which is very high compared to petrol charges.

  • In India, most of the people will utilize the man power for normal house hold work, like gardening, washing, cleaning, etc,...
  • In USA most of the people will depend on machines as Man power is costly in US compared to machines.

  • In India most of the people think twice before wasting the food.
  • In USA they don't care, because food is cheaper for them.

Because of lifestyle of rich countries peoples, they consume more energy resources like Petrol, electrical energy and food more than they are supposed to be with respect their population. Not only they consume, they waste these resources.

Finally I would like to say that, whatever may be the reason, whoever may be the person, Rich countries are consuming more resources and they are doing their best to increase the global warming. Because other's needs are their wants.

1. As statistics says,Emissions of global warming gases from the United States have nearly doubled in 14 years.
2. In this quote USA represents all rich countries in the world and I have taken USA as an example for rich country.

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