Investment Philosophy - III

Jan 19 2009

Investment Philosophy - III

Possessing Debit fund is like having a Wife

Possessing Black money is like having an Extramarital affair/s

Possessing Debit fund is like having a Wife, because by paying exit load you can redeem your fund, similarly by paying money for maintenance you can get divorce from the wife.

Possessing Black money is like having an illegal relationship, because you don't know when you will loose your money through ACB raid, IT department raids or you can be robbed,etc.., similarly your illegal affair may come to an end by force because of your legal wife or because of the media or by any means.

By seeing photos also you can understand the quote in better way, I will leave the job to you to do.

Lewinsky Scandal:
Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky became a household name, not to mention the butt of national jokes 10 years ago, after her sexual relationship with President Bill Clinton was revealed by confidant Linda Tripp. Lewinsky's name first surfaced on Jan. 19, 1998, on the Drudge Report. Three days later on Jan. 21, several mainstream news organizations began to report on the alleged relationship.

Since the scandal, Lewinsky started a handbag design company, hosted a reality TV show called "Mr. Personality," and poked fun at herself as a guest on "Saturday Night Live." Lewinsky also earned a degree from the London School of Economics but has complained to friends the taint of the scandal has made it difficult for her to find a job or get a boyfriend.

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