Spiritual master <--> Spiritual mother

May 09 2010

Spiritual master <--> Spiritual mother

Till now I was in a dilemma how to treat, worship & what should be the relationship between our spiritual master and us. Today I got the answer, which is very simple, easy to understand and most of us know it.

Answer is " Spiritual master is our Spiritual mother".

How a mother loves her child, protects her child, helps, teaches and guides her child to live on their own in this world and she is the role model for child too.

Similarly the one who is your mother in your spiritual life is your spiritual master. In another view the one who has capability to play a role of a mother for your spiritual evolution is real caliber Spiritual master.

I wish you Happy Mothers day.

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Anonymous said...

what is so confusing relation in
"spiritual master"

Master is a teacher who teaches us something eh?. No need to replace it with mother

Chindian Quotes said...

Probably you don't know what is spirituality and importance of a Guru/ Master, if he only teach you something then he is a teacher not a Guru/Master.

The Physical mother gave birth to the physical body, Spiritual Mother or Master gives new life to the Soul in us. That is why Spiritual Master/Spiritual Mother.

It becomes simple to understand what is Master if you can understand 'mother'. The mother is the only entity after God or Master who loves unconditionally and without expecting anything from us.

The bond with 'mother' is very subtle and therefore very strong and does not depend upon how she is, we think of mother first when we are in trouble. That is why the concept of "Mother" is very sacred in India, when we say mother, it is a feeling very deep inside our hearts and therefore very sacred, this is same with Spiritual Master.

Anonymous said...

I feel this is the absolute comparision. To understand what is master at human level we can only compare with mother and child relation.

Ramu Mahanthi said...

It is true to take one's own Master as Mother. It is the best relation. You can be dirty and yet be in the lap of the mother, because mother loves you and you are her child. So also in spirituality, you may fail in doing what your Master wishes you to do for your own evolution and yet you be his disciple or child so that it becomes Master's (Guru's) responsibility to deliver you in the Brighter World.
Ramu M/Hyderabad

Anonymous said...

The Physical mother gave birth to the physical body....Why only Mother, why not Father anywhere..????

Anonymous said...

Spiritual Master is also a Spiritual Mother because its only your Mother who loves you expecting nothing in return and so is the case with Spiritual Master too ...He is the only one who holds onto you until you reach your goal which is HIM..So its perfectly right in saying Spiritual Master is a spiritual mother..

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