Quote on Satyam IT company management

Jan 21 2009

Quote on Satyam IT company management

I am waiting for today, since Jan 1 2009. To Post this quote in my Blog :-)

Satyam meaning for this Telugu word in English is "the truth". Reverse (antonym) for it is "lie".

Telugu word ---> English meaning

Satyam = the Truth

Asatyam = lie

Now reverse the letters in the word Satyam <---> Maytas. That means Maytas means "lie".

Company name ---> English meaning

Maytas = lie

Satyam = ?????

As I heard from few of my friends Mr.B.Ramalinga Raju (Satyam Ex-CEO) is a good,talented and dynamic person. But unfortunately he had chosen the wrong way for the Power and Position. As a result he lost the name (as founder of Satyam IT company ),fame, and business.

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Papam -1

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