Mr.Medhavi Telugu movie

Jan 24 2008

Mr.Medhavi Telugu movie

Q.1)Why Chindian is promoting the film Mr.Medhavi?

Ans. Because it's one of the best movie in telugu, hats off to the director Mr.Neelakanta who have showed the difference between the Personality & Character in the movie.

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Q.2)What you like in that movie?
Ans. The character "Siddarth" (played by the actor Soonu sood) in the movie. Not only this entire movie was good with all standards.
At least one person should be there in every office,every city,every where...., like "Siddarth" .

Q.3) Who is that great creative director?
Ans. He is Mr.Neelakanta, See the chitchat with the director.

January 5, 2008

National award winning director Neelakanta is an expert at screenplay. Though his last two films failed to meet the expectations at box office, there is lot of craze for his latest film 'Mr. Medhavi'. Here is our chitchat with Neelakanta -

What went wrong with your earlier film Nandanavanam 120kms?
Nandanavanam 120 kms was an out of way experiment film. There were no commercial elements in that film and it failed to impress audience as there were no songs and no humor. It was a dark film.

Generally people refer to a person as 'Mr. Medhavi' in a negative sense. What about the title of your film, is it in a positive sense or negative sense?
You will have to wait till the movie release to know about it.

What kind of film it is?
It is a romantic love story. The story of the film is wafer thin. Mr. Medhavi is a treatment based subject. Mr. Medhavi is a Missamma kind of film that caters to all kinds of audiences. In my earlier films I concentrated more on psychological aspect, but in this film I concentrated more on physicality. This film has formula back-up too.

What is the reason behind casting Raja and Genelia?
While writing script itself I had Raja and Genelia in my mind because they are very apt for this story. Both these characters have equal importance in the film.

Generally your films have prominent heroines and not-so-successful heroes in main leads? It is your policy?
It was just a coincidence.

Your films have different screenplay techniques. Which kind of screenplay you followed this film?
I can confidently say that the screenplay and narration technique followed in this film is being presented for the first time in Telugu films.

What are the key elements in Mr. Medhavi?
Artists performance, story, music and camera work are going to be key elements along with the screenplay.

What about human touch?
Films like Missamma and Show have human psychology and relationships as the top ingredients.

What is your next film?
I will decide about it after the release of Mr. Medhavi on 24 January 2008.

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