Govt Vs Private organizations services in India

Nov 01 2009

Govt Vs Private organizations services in India-II

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Depending on Govt. organizations services is like, using vintage car (old model car). Not attractive, low performance, only one model available.

  • Definitely Will face starting trouble. (same problem with Govt organisations)
  • We have to put lot of efforts to maintain it and to keep it in proper condition.( we can see very good performance of Private companies with 10% efforts of Govt organisations)
  • It consumes lot of petrol even for small distances. (It's known fact that our government is spending lot of money even for small works)
  • Availability of spare parts is difficult and only few mechanics can repair these cars. ( only few caliber officers can run these organisations effectively and efficiently.)
  • We can't meet timeliness if we depend on this.
Ex:- DD, BSNL,......,

Taking Private organizations services is like having a new model car.
Very attractive, good in performance, many model are available.

  • No starting trouble.
  • Needs less effort to keep it in proper condition.
  • Gives more millage than vintage cars.
  • We can meet our timeliness.
  • Only the problem is over speed, if we can't control the speed accidents will happen.( The problem with Private companies is if Govt doesn't implements strict laws and can't regulate them, many bad things will happen. Ex: Satyam scam)

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